About YvensB


- Specialized in Active wear, sports, fitness and portraits

- Lover of lighting and light

- My work was featured in industry magazines such as ISO1200, FlashMates, GoodLight, PRO EDU , LaPresse , Journal Métro, and many more magazines

- 35,000 (real) followers on Instagram and counting, teaches photography monthly to 13,000 photographers through YouTube (2K) and Facebook (11K)

- Loves chicken wings.


I am a commercial and portrait photographer, based in Montreal, Canada.

When I'm not taking photos, I take more photos! I'm also a proud father, train as a powerlifter/bodybuilder and love deep conversations about everything.

*cough* I'm something of nerd myself.


My work focuses on storytelling through light, movement and bodies. I believe that light tells stories from the past and the future.

From portraits to sports athletes, I tell a story of hardwork, struggle, passion and victory.

Work with Me

Have an upcoming photo project? I'd love to hear about it

Get in touch with by email or through the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Why hire Yvens B. for your brand or client?

That is an excellent question. Here are 3 reasons

(1) Let's sell together

The goal is to sell. Your products, your time, your projects. There is technique behind that. I create attention grabbing images. I am an educator in the photography field. I am exacting about my work. I want my work to help you sell confidently online or in your ads.

Pro EDU Article - Optical Snoot
ISO 1200 Magazine - Expressions
Good Light Magazine - Expressions

(2) Collaborative Creatives

I want my images and creative work to help you sell more. Simple as that. How do we achieve that? We work together (and talk often) on how we can achieve your vision and my skills to get to the end goal. The goal is to make this as easy as possible while delivering flawless images and video. Your images will be produced to the highest standard possible with a great team of creatives.

(3) YvensB is an entrepreneur, just like you

During my past life, I was a CPA and worked as an accountant for many organisations. This gave me an insight on how to work with large companies. 

I've also been a bootstrapping entrepreneur. I know the struggle. I've been in your shoes. No budget and no time (weird combination right?). Sometimes a leap of faith is required to push your brand to the next level. Photography does help. There is a way to get your project going with limited means - just ask and we can arrange a solution.