Work With Me

Read are the milestones I reach to execute your creative project.

Understanding that you are unique is important. Every company that was built has its own story. We understand the challenges that come with your commercial photography needs. You were given a budget and a goal. I can help you fully plan your content creation goals or execute on a precise idea. We want you to succeed with your unique branding always in mind. 

It’s the mindset I come in with before starting ANY project. Flexible, dependable and custom built.

One question that is not often answered, what is the GOAL of the assets you are trying to create? It’s an important question to ask when creating marketing assets for your business. We will spend some time figuring this out first with a short interview. At the same time, you will know if we are a good fit for each other.

Intent is key.

Establishing an effective and repeatable planning process is critical to the success of any team.” - Jocko Willink. Your idea, our plan. 

During this phase of your project, I will become creative advisors for your business. I constantly look at the market and see what works. Whether you are working with tight deadlines or next year’s product launch, having a plan that allows your team’s leadership to hit their goals and at the same time be creative is what we strive for. Having produced over 200 videos and photo projects, I have seen how good projects succeed.

The 5 P's: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Ask me how we can prepare.

Together, we will have built a solid photography plan but sometimes we need to turn on a dime. A good plan will allow us some flexibility during the content creation session, in case your boss comes with a brand new idea. After we are done creating the images in studio or on location, we offer post production services to help you carefully select and achieve the desired results.

On budget, on time, on brand.

Post-mortem - what went right and what went wrong? How can we improve? 

Asking these questions allows us to continuously improve our methods. We want to become your partner of choice for your photography needs.

The best lessons come from the field. We are there everyday.