October 2019 Updates!

Quick entry this week - I’ve been really busy with the retouching, the shooting and the content creation - here is what happened:

1) I released a new video : reviewing portraits of our potential future Prime Minister. All major parties release official photos of their candidate, and I thought it would be interesting to take a good look at them. View my deep analysis and light setups below!

2) I was featured on a magazine! The magazine dedicated to photographers named ‘Good Light’ recently shared an article I wrote called “Four ways to get better expressions out of your model.” Take a look at it here: 

3) And last -  VACATION! At last, I will be out of town for a whole 2 weeks (October 26th - November 10th) but remain available via email (I promise not to look to hard at them). 

Hope the end of the year is treating you well! 

See you in in November,