Glasses or no Glasses?

Quick entry today! Glasses or no glasses during your professional headshot session? 

I say both!

Although they are really cool, we’re not talking about shades here :p

Portrait of Fwonte Montreal Musician. Portrait by YvensB in Montreal

The question CAN be tricky if you are heading into your headshot session. The trick is to ask yourself: If I meet your for the first time - how likely will I meet you wearing your glasses? 

“If I meet your for the first time - how likely will I meet you wearing your glasses?”

It’s as simple as that for one specific reason - people love consistency. A person before meeting you, usually looks you up online. They have this expectation set before even reading your career highlights. 

Now, they meet you but you have your pair on - our little lizard brain perceives the inconsistency which could affect you negatively (to a certain extent).

On the other hand, if you are like me and only wear glasses when you read or work extensively (It’s 10PM at the computer right now), it is up to you! If you are in this situation and I had to cast my vote, I wouldn’t wear them during the portrait session to avoid this inconsistency. 

Daniele R. looking great with her glasses! Professional headshot by YvensB in Montreal

Will there be any reflections in my glasses?

Now if you are worried about the reflection in your glasses, that is the photographer (my job) to make sure there are no glares or reflection in your glasses. You got other things to worry about so let us worry about this! If you need to know, you can always discuss it before your booking if it worries you. I typically show a with and without to the client and see if that is pleasing.

As usual, if you have any questions, get in touch here

Best of luck and talk soon,