Photographing Olympic Athletes w/ Felix Dolci

First things first. Don’t try this at home. Please.

The Mission: Olympic Athlete Photography 

I had the pleasure of creating portraits for Canadian Olympic Athlete - Felix Dolci via Dulcedo Management at the Montreal Studio. It was tons of fun watching Felix doing absolutely crazy things.  My body hurts just watching.

As a sports commercial photographer, watching people performing at their best capacity is always impressive, no matter how many times I’ve been in those situations. Felix could pull these insane moves on request without much fuss. A true champion!

Felix is a  junior gold medalist on Floor and rings. Plus he is a Canadian hopeful for the Olympics. 

I shared also a behind the scenes on how we created these images for the curious. Check it out below.

So join me in wishing Felix good luck! You can follow him here. 

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Project Team Credits


MUA: Christine Nigoghossian 

BTS Camera/Assist: Amélie Tintin