Lighting with VFLATs - a series

Lighting with VFLATS

It’s no secret that I am a huge V-FLAT proponent. They are one of the best studio tools out there to shape or create impact on your photography.

In this three part video series, I explore how you can use V-Flats to light your subject and change your background. 

Part III will be coming any day now so make sure to subscribe to be notified! 

Part 1 - Lighting with V-FLATS

Part II - Change your background with a V-FLAT

Physique Study II - Fitness Photography with IFBB Pro

Physique Fitness Study with an IFBB Pro

Have you ever wondered what the grand masters of art did a lot? They studied. But not the study that is pouring their head in a book and never coming out, they studied by “dissecting” their favorite subject’s characteristics. An obsession of some sort.

Leonardo Da Vinci was obsessed with bodies. By his own count, Da Vinci dissected 30 corpses.

Picasso was constantly studying and finally reached his geometrical style that he is renowned for. 

While I am not in the business of dissecting bodies, I am after all artist and spending time studying physiques is crucial to my work.

So, in collaboration with IFBB Bikini Pro Christine Guenette, we created this series of portraits detailing some aspects of her wonderfully sculpted physique. This set was entirely done in Montreal, at the YvensB Photography studio.  Scroll a little and you can see how this was created.

I believe that that reunion of fine art photography and fitness models is always a great thing, especially when both the subject and the artist are obsessed with their craft.  

Christine Guenette IFBB pro on a Chair - by YvensB

Abs with a bikini - Christine Guenette IFBB Pro

Implied Photography with IFBB pro Christine Guenette

Fitness Photography Setup and Lighting

As you may have seen in this photo, I simply used a Godox ad400 pro overhead with a gridded 48” Octabox for most of the shots. This combination, the placement of the modifier and especially the grid focuses the light and highlights certain parts of the body while creating very deep shadows. This is a “requirement” especially dealing with muscles.

Behind The Scenes with the Godox ad400Pro

A solid Fitness Photography session tip

One important thing I always say to athletes is to focus on staying hydrated and fed. Posing for photos is quite challenging since it’s like being on a fitness competition stage where you have to flex and hold positions for minutes. It can burn you out! So make sure to stay live and well by having some food, not all of it though :p

Smile and have fun!

To book your own fitness photo session, contact me here - it’ll be my pleasure to run you through available options for your own session!


YvensB Photo

Montreal, November 2020