Master The Light - Assignment 11

New assignment is in!

This month, we’re practicing “bounced” light.

Bounced light is a fantastic tool to get quick and effective light setup without too much gear. Who can benefit the most from bounce light/flash?

1) First that comes to mind is wedding photographers: Bounced light is an excellent tool to cover an event with a Speedlite. IT provides soft but effective light to your subject.

2) Tiny studio owner: Lack of space? Bouncing a flash on a wall might be the solution for you! Modifiers can take up a large amount of space. Bouncing light only requires a reflector to illuminate your subject! 

Michele Paul in Yvens’s studio being sassy

3) Broke? Use bounced light! save a couple of bucks on modifiers and use the softbox made of plaster :D

4) Wanna light a background? Bounce a light on a ceiling to add a pop of light! Gels can be really useful also!

Participants have until April 30th to submit their images to the facebook group.

Cheers and good luck!

New Website

Welcome to my new website!

This has been a few weeks in the making. I wanted a simpler and more streamlined experience for anyone who visited my page. 

I hope the changes are welcomed, choosing photos that I wish to display is like choosing which child you love the most. It hurts!

But other than that,  I am happy with the changes.

Drop a word to tell me if you like it or not.

Expect a ton more content in the next few weeks so check in often.

Best and talk soon,


Winter Sports 2

What does a Canadian do in Winter? Well…other than hiding from the biting cold or shovelling, we watch hockey!

I took the opportunity to add to my portfolio this winter a hockey photoshoot. This was a challenging experience which created some beautiful work Here are some of the selected photos!

Curious to see how they were taken? I documented the behind the scenes for you! I talk about: 

- Gear used to freeze motion and action
- Composition technique
- Controlling light
- And more!

It’s a very deep look into this shoot. If you are a photo nerd, you’ll enjoy this!

Here is what I used for the photoshoot:

**Gear used**: 

  • Gear used for photos: 
  • Godox ad600 -  
  • Sigma 35m 1.4 ART - 
  • Nikon d810 - 
  • Nikkor 180mm 2.8 - 
  • Nikkor 70-300mm 2.8 - 
  • Nikor 50mm 1.8G - 
  • Paul C Buff: Einstein 640 -
  • Paul C Buff: Octabox -

Video Gear:

  • Nikon d800 - 
  • Nikkor 24-85mm - 

Any questions? Please ask!

Cheers and see you soon :)