January 2023 - Passions to Projects

Discover a new way to boost your photography projects. If you’re looking to engage with your hobbies in a more meaningful way, this article could be the key to unlocking your next steps. To help combat the difficulties that may come with global recession and the encroaching threat of AI, we should embrace putting in the work to see real results. This is where the January Battle comes in, a running event where running crews around the world try to achieve the highest number of kilometers within that month, and it could be just the project you need to supercharge your passion projects.

The author of this article, a sports photographer, picked up running as a way to deal with a stressful schedule. During his time running, he met a lot of people, and eventually was introduced to the January Battle. This sparked an idea for a personal project that would ultimately benefit him in several ways.

The first step was to define the project’s subject, in this case, the participants in the January Battle. The second rule was to create the portraits outdoors, to rediscover locations and add authenticity to the portraits. The third and final rule was to limit the gear, only using two lenses, to pack light and shoot incognito.

The project itself provided several benefits. It allowed the author to expose new people to his work, update his portfolio, and meet potential new clients. Most importantly, he met ultra-motivating people like Sara, who ran more than 400km in January alone. It’s a testament to the power of simply putting in the work and achieving incredible results.

So, whether it’s photography or another hobby, a personal project like the January Battle could be the perfect way to push your passion to the next level. Define your subject, set your own rules, and embrace the challenges that come with it. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities might come your way.

New Project! Beauty Photography

Behind The Scenes with YvensB

I had the chance to help make-up artist Christine Nigoghossian with her portfolio update! It was a fun experience diving deeper into creating advertising like beauty images. 

The beautiful Agnes Nekaa was there to be captured, she makes the work incredibly easy :)

For the photographers stalking my website, scroll down to see the behind the scenes video!

As promised, here is the behind the scenes.

Would you like the same for your brand? 

You can contact Yvens here to discuss. 

You can learn how we work here.

Talk soon!


Photographing Olympic Athletes w/ Felix Dolci

First things first. Don’t try this at home. Please.

The Mission: Olympic Athlete Photography 

I had the pleasure of creating portraits for Canadian Olympic Athlete - Felix Dolci via Dulcedo Management at the Montreal Studio. It was tons of fun watching Felix doing absolutely crazy things.  My body hurts just watching.

As a sports commercial photographer, watching people performing at their best capacity is always impressive, no matter how many times I’ve been in those situations. Felix could pull these insane moves on request without much fuss. A true champion!

Felix is a  junior gold medalist on Floor and rings. Plus he is a Canadian hopeful for the Olympics. 

I shared also a behind the scenes on how we created these images for the curious. Check it out below.

So join me in wishing Felix good luck! You can follow him here. 

If you have any questions regarding the images or wish to discuss your project - please let me know by contacting me

Project Team Credits

Athlete: https://www.instagram.com/felixdolci/ 

MUA: Christine Nigoghossian https://www.instagram.com/makeupbychrissynig/ 

BTS Camera/Assist: Amélie Tintin https://www.instagram.com/amelie.cmoi/